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June 4, 2017 mid century modern furniture

Features Of Mid Century Modern Couches Styles

Mid Century Modern Couches – Styles of mid century modern couches are a mixture. They mix of modern elements and influences from the 18 ° and 19 ° century. These couches styles look like to have its own personality and reveal their history. You want to get vintage couches? You must take into account various characteristics, in order to make the right choice.

Retro Mid Century Modern Couches


Mid-Century Modern refers to the fact that the style of a mobile is as important as its function. The main feature of this style of furniture is the simplicity. Such as simple lines, the simple and simple geometric shapes functions. Mid century modern couches have backs straight. Also have equal arms with little ornamentation.

11 Inspiration Gallery from Features Of Mid Century Modern Couches Styles

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In the 18 ° secolo, Thomas Chippendale creat a chippendale couche style. Divano Chippendale features is curve the back that looks like a camel’s hump.

A single continuous piece is make for the seat cushion. Usually, the legs are makes from mahogany, in cabriole style. Chippendale sofas are upholstered in leather or in different types of tissues. While characterizing of fainting couches is rear part is raised at one end. This sofa style dates back to 19 ° century. And usually women using its to lie down when they fainted while climbing the stairs. This is why almost every home in the 19 ° century has a fainting couch near the stairs.

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